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Welcome to the Living Atlas home page

The Living Atlas is an online space for scientists and researchers to share information and hold discussions in an interactive way. To facilitate this, the Allen Institute will be continually adding content as we mine our data and share it with the scientific community.

Fine Structure Reports

The following reports contain a brief summary of 50 genes enriched within the specific brain structure that are potentially of biological interest. 
Based on data from the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, a project of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, these reports are compilations of neuroanatomic and gene expression characteristics of key regions in the mammalian brain. They include detailed descriptions of each region, the characteristics of 50 genes that are selective for the region, and correlation tables showing the genetic relationship of the region to the rest of the brain. The Allen Mouse Brain Atlas (mouse.brain-map.org) is a Web-based, genome-wide, three-dimensional atlas of gene expression throughout the adult mouse brain. The Allen Institute for Brain Science is a non-profit medical research organization dedicated to advancing brain research. The Institute makes its data and tools freely available to the public online.

To read more about how our 50 Select Genes list is derived, please refer to the Fine Structure Annotation white paper.

Parent Structure Structure Abbreviation Fine Structure Report
Olfactory Areas Anterior Olfactory Nucleus AON Anterior Olfactory Nucleus
Pyramidal Layer of Ammon's Horn CA2 Pyramidal Layer CA2sp CA2 Pyramidal Layer
Hippocampal Region Dentate Gyrus DG Dentate Gyrus
Thalamus Ventral Posterior Complex of the Thalamus VP Ventral Posterior Complex of the Thalamus
Midbrain Oculomotor Nucleus
III Oculomotor Nucleus
Midbrain Inferior Colliculus IC Inferior Colliculus
Midbrain Dorsal Nucleus Raphé DR Dorsal Nucleus Raphé
Midbrain Edinger-Westphal Nucleus EW Edinger-Westphal Nucleus
Pons Motor Nucleus of the Trigeminal Nerve V Motor Nucleus of the Trigeminal Nerve
Medulla Area Postrema AP Area Postrema
Medulla Facial Motor Nucleus VII Facial Motor Nucleus
Cerebellar Cortex Cerebellar Cortex, Purkinje Cell Layer CBXpu Cerebellar Cortex, Purkinje Cell Layer

Fine Structure Lists

Please visit http://www.brain-map.org to find gene lists for 75 additional structures. Click on "Mouse Brain" tab, select "ISH Data", click on the "Fine Structure Search" radial button and select a structure from the drop-down list.

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