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This information has been collated through a visual assessment of algorithmically derived and ranked gene lists.   The highest ranking genes per structure from the algorithm have been manually curated and the 50 top genes at the time of report completion have been used to construct this description.  This report contains general comments and anatomical features of the structure of interest as well as images and links to our ABA data and to images in our 3-D Brain Explorer program.  A gene ontology table (derived from DAVID Bioinformatics Resources 2007) is also included, highlighting possible functions of the genes from this 50 Top Genes list.  To read more about how our 50 Top Genes list is derived, please refer to the [Fine Structure Annotation white paper|http://brain-map.org/pdf/FineStructureAnnotation.pdf].  These lists and additional information regarding our methodology can also be found under Fine Structure Annotation on our website at [http://www.brain-map.org].

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