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Getting Started with the Transcriptomics Explorer

Overview The Transcriptomics Explorer enables researchers to visualize and analyze transcriptomics data and transcriptomic cell types for both mouse and human, all directly in a web browser. This product is an active ar…

2 September 17, 2019
Is the previous version of the site still available somewhere? 3 January 7, 2020
Extracting data from whole cortex+hippocampus transcrip.tome data set 2 November 19, 2019
How do I find genes that differentiate Cell Types? (differential search) 1 September 17, 2019
How do I find marker genes for a Cell Type or Cell Set? 1 September 17, 2019
Can I map my own data to these data sets? 1 September 17, 2019
What datasets are available in the Transcriptomics Viewer? 1 September 3, 2019
Supported browsers 1 February 7, 2020
Citation for Allen scRNAseq Mouse and Human datasets 3 March 25, 2020
Non-anonymized BAM files 2 March 26, 2020