AHBA genotype info

Hi guys,

I am working with the AHBA data, and I’m trying to find the ApoE genotype info (e.g. 3/3, 3/4) for the six donors. Is this data currently available? If so, could someone help me access the data?

Thank you!

Hi @fye,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we do not have genotype data available from donors associated with the Allen Human Brain Atlas project.
For current and future projects that involve human tissue, we are working to make genotype information available; however, due to HIIPA regulations and the individual research rules that are specific to each project, this is not always possible.
Data in the Aging, Dementia and TBI Study does include notation on ApoE status of the donor, but we do not have brain-wide profiling available for this project.

Thanks again for asking!

I see. Thank you for the timely response!