H&E Images for Normal Brain Tissues

Is there any repository out there that has H&E images for normal brain tissues from different sections of the brain?
I understand we can’t do surgery on normal people to get such tissues :smile: but I can imagine one could obtain from autopsy cases or normal sections which are far away from tumor infiltration. Does anyone know databases or repository that has these?

Hi @kasthuri,
Another post discusses histological data resources, including those for human brain:

The Allen Human Brain Atlas has histological stains integrated with samples profiled by microarray analysis, and the Allen Cell Types Database also has histological data from multiple human brain samples, as subdivided tissue. This data is available if you click on the ‘Donor’ ID (first column) of the data site, here. A number of professional companies offer H&E staining services, and may have more information about whole human brain references (other than what you will find in print-based atlases). Good luck!

This is wealth of information. Thank you.