Developing Human Reference Atlases


Reference Atlases

To complement the RNA-Seq and microarray gene expression data, reference atlases were created at three developmental stages; 15 pcw, 21 pcw and 34 years. The reference atlas are full-color, high-resolution, web-based digital brain atlases accompanied by a systematic, hierarchically organized taxonomy of developing brain structures.
From the heatmap view in the BrainSpan Atlas of the Developing Human Brain, you can see the Structure Ontology list from the selected data point in the heatmap. Clicking on the structure link will bring you to the appropriate developmental stage in the Reference Atlas (adult vs. prenatal).

From the In Situ Hybridization data in the BrainSpan Atlas of the Developing Human Brain, you can also arrive at the Human Brain Atlas Guide by clicking on a hotspot while viewing an experiment in the High Resolution Image Viewer.

Either of these actions will bring you to the Interactive Atlas Viewer with the structure of interest highlighted in purple.

Clicking on the annotation links from the “Reference Atlas” tab in the banner menu will also take you to the Interactive Atlas Viewers. Supporting data used to create these Atlases is also available for viewing or for download.

Reference Atlas Viewing Tools

Interactive Atlas Viewer (IAV)

Zoom-And-Pan (ZAP) Image Viewer

Using The High Resolution Image Viewer