Category Topics


A place for technical questions about how to use the AllenSDK or website for programmatic access to data and tools.


A place for scientific questions and discussions about experimental methods, neuroscience, systems neurophysiology, sensory coding, behavior, or cell types of the brain.

Cell Taxonomies

The Allen Institute joins a wide community of researchers and analysts who seek to use measurable properties of individual cells to aid in biologically meaningful classification. Share your insights, suggestions and feedback on classification of cells in the mammalian brain.

Show & Tell

Have you done a cool analysis using a dataset? Written a blogpost or made a Github repo? Designed a course curriculum? Share it here! This is a place to show off, inform others and get feedback.

Site Feedback

Have a suggestion about what would improve the Allen Brain Map site, data sets or any of its projects? Share those here.

Transcriptomics Explorer

A place for questions and discussions about the Transcriptomics Explorer, a web tool for researchers to explorer transcriptomics dataset in the context of cell types.