At which time of day did donors decease?

Given that the expression of many genes varies substantially over the day, it would be informative to know for the 6 adult human donor brains of the bulk RNAseq project at what time the donors died.
I see a post mortem delay, but no time of day.
Is that information available - if only to know a time bracket. Or should we infer by clock-gene expression?


Here are the approximate times of death for the donors. Please note that the ME office estimates the TOD in cases of unwitnessed demise.

Specimen ID Time of Death
H0351.1009 9:00 AM
H0351.1012 7:00 AM
H0351.1015 4:00 PM
H0351.1016 6:00 AM
H0351.2001 midnight
H0351.2002 1:00 PM

Thanks much!