Mouse connectivity site down?

Hi, I’m having problems accessing the mouse connectivity data. I tried different computers and different browsers. Any idea if anything wrong with the database?

Hi @sebneuro: I quickly checked the main link for the Allen Mouse Connectivity Atlas ( and don’t see any obvious issues. Can you provide some more specific links where you are running into trouble and if I can reproduce them, then I will pass it along to the appropriate people immediately. Thank you!

Hi @sebneuro. If you haven’t already, please try clearing your cache (although I see that you have already tried multiple browsers). The website is working for me today but I have had sporadic problems lately. Let us know if you still can’t resolve the issue!

thanks for the replies. More specifically I cannot access experiments involving basolateral amydala. When typing and selecting BLA in the Filter Source Structure(s) it just keeps “thinking” without loading the available experiments. When I search for central amygdala, I can see the available experiments but once I select one and click “view selection” a new windows pops that also simply keeps forever loading without accessing the data.
I tried cleaning the browsing data but didnt help.
Thanks again for helping out.

Hi there, just to say that today I’m working on this data without issues. All systems back to normal.
Thanks again for the prompt replies

Thanks @sebneuro for this question and thanks all for the replies. I kept searching, I kept trying to find the solution to the problem, I browsed through books, websites and I finally solved this problem.