Neurofutures 2019 - Portland, OR

We’re coming to Neurofutures! The annual conference highlighting neuroscience research in the Pacific northwest will be in Portland, OR, on July 11-13. I’m leading a workshop on some of our resources on July 11, 3-5pm. This workshop is designed for new users who are curious about what resources might be relevant to their research, how to access resources, and an introduction to use cases.

The workshop is free with conference registration. Register for the workshop and learn more about our other speakers here.


The agenda is posted for the Neurofutures 2019 Workshop, “Supercharge your Research Using Data and Tools from the Allen Brain Atlas.”

In addition to the workshop, three scientists will be presenting work from the Allen Institute:

  • Yun Wang, PhD: Whole-brain reconstruction and classification of single spiny claustral neurons and L6b_PCs of Gnb4 Tg mice.
  • Josh Siegle, PhD: An open, standardized database of spiking activity across the mouse visual system.
  • Rebecca Hodge, PhD: Cell type diversity in human cerebral cortex.

Other amazing speakers are listed on the conference website.