RNAseq data of the Brain Span Atlas of the Human Brain - confirmation of the method

Dear All,

I have been annotating and analyzing the RNAseq data of the Brain Span Atlas of the Human Brain, downloaded from dbGaP under Study Accession: phs000755.v2.p1.

Data, as saved in the SRA repository Studies : Browse : Sequence Read Archive : NCBI/NLM/NIH , are labeled as “cytosolic mRNA sample”.

Searching through the file “Overview of methods for transcriptome profiling”, which I have downloaded from the brainspan.org, I could only find that a total RNA was used for the library preparation and sequencing.

Could anyone confirm that separation of cytosolic and nuclear RNA was NOT performed on these brain tissue samples, and fastq files of phs000755 (SRP075652) contain data of total RNA?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Macuchova. These data were generated as part of a collaboration, and all of the information we have about them are included in http://www.brainspan.org/. If no one else replies to this post with the answer, I’d suggest reaching out to the lab of Dr. Nenad Sestan or one of the other corresponding authors from the associated publication in Science.