Showcase Symposium 2020 Project Talk Q&A: Visual Behavior Pipeline

At our virtual Showcase Symposium 2020, Allen Institute for Brain Science teams present project talks highlighting their work. Please use this forum thread to ask questions for the speakers of the Visual Behavior Pipeline talk with Pete Groblewski, @marinag, @DougOllerenshaw, @alexpiet, Iryna Yavorska, and Farzaneh Najafi. Please see the full list of Showcase 2020 forum threads to ask questions about other talks.

Really enjoyed this presentation! I had a question about the behavioral and cognitive components of the full kernel model. How do you think about the independence of behavior and cognitive variables in your model, given that movement (i.e. licking) covaries with your cognitive variables (e.g. hit/miss)? I probably missed something about the task/model…

Great question! We didn’t provide much detail about how we quantified the contributions from each model component. For each feature/kernel in the model we do two things. First, we remove just that feature/kernel and refit the model. Second, we remove everything except that feature/kernel. If the features don’t covary the contributions we get from those two approaches are the same. However if they differ that lets us asses any covariance between the features.