Brain Observatory Experiment ID 593506466 Only has ONE Neuron Available


When trying to run statistical analysis on this neuron, our lab found that this experiment, and more specifically, the ophys id 595183197, only has one neuron available in the NWB files. Is this correct? Or should it have more neurons that were recorded for this experiment? If so, what ended up causing this outlier in the number of neurons for a given experiment?


Hi Rodrigo,

This is correct - though surprising. If you look at the max projection for that experiment there is only one visible neuron (you can see this via the SDK, or on the website here:

Why is there only one cell? I think this is mostly an anomaly. The Cre line, Nr5a1, is sparse in general. The other experiments for Nr5a1 in the same area (VISal) have ~12-30 cells. So this is generally a sparse line. But only having one cell in the field of view does appear to be unusual.

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