Branspan data - no information

BrainSpan’s developmental transcriptome data and the specimen metadata might have samples mismatched. The following two donor IDs, which are in the transcriptome data, are not in the meta-data:



However, the following two donor IDs are in the meta-data, but not in the transcriptome data.



Might you have the demographic information (e.g., ethnicity, sex, and age) for these two donors H376.V.50 and H376.VI.51?

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, we have incomplete metadata for these two donors, but see this forum post for more information. It is unlikely that these samples were swapped with the other two you mention since the middle numbers correspond to developmental stages, and these are different ones.

Thank you so much, Jeremy. Your input and the link to the previous response are all very helpful. ~ Bo Xiang