Cannot download gene expression profiles and see 'structure' window


I am having some issues with all of my downloaded Allan Brain Atlases on my Windows laptop. As you can see in the images attached, I find it very difficult to navigate the ‘Structure’ tab as it seems to no be fully opened/ looks compressed. Also, a more major issue for me is that I cannot seem to download any gene expression profiles as it seems that the options overlay each other. I have the most recent drivers on my laptop and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated

Hi @Jabbott7 Sorry that you are experiencing this strange issue with the Brain Explorer program. Unfortunately, we have no simple fix to suggest, except for maybe using Brain Explorer on a larger monitor.

Be aware that we are currently planning to retire the app this year so we are not planning to do any more development or bug fixes on it. Please consider describing your needs and goals in detail on that thread for consideration in future tools that we may develop.

Best regards,