Changing the (x,y,z) to the coordinates ( ML,AP,DV) in online Allen Brain Explorer

Dear friends

Could you please tell me how I can change the (x,y,z) in online Allen Brain Explorer to the coordinates ( ML,AP,DV)? for example I selected the LGv from the thalamus and uploaded the screen shot of it. you can see the x,y,z of the point that i selected it at the right side of the photo( in expriment information section). the point is visible with green color. I f I know how I can change the axis number to coordinates, all problem of me will be solved . in fact since i need the exact coordinates of every point, If I could change the x,y,z to ( ML,AP,DV), I can have all cordinates to use them for implanting.
moreover i need to know how i can calculate the depth of the regions to implant electrodes correctly and in sufficient depth.

Thank you in advance

you can check through :