Clinical Data in IVY GAP

Hello, I have two questions:

  1. What do the three different data tabs on the IVY GAP clinical page refer to (see picture)?
  2. What does the tab “Days to progression” refer to? In the white paper about the clinical data for the IVY GAP study it states there is data collected on time to recurrence, but there is no subheading in the white paper describing time to recurrence and this language is not used in the clinical data available online. Is time to progression being used as time to recurrence?
    Thank you!!

Hopefully, someone on this forum knows the answer, but if not, I would suggest contacting the IVY Glioblastoma Atlas Project project directly.

Thanks @jeremyinseattle.

CLINICAL DATA 2015 refers to the clinical data available at the time of release of the Ivy GAP resource to the public. As more clinical data were collected due to changes in patient history, two more updates were made and released, one on 20180517 and one on 20180613. All three files are maintained on the site to show the version history.

“Time To Progression (in days)” is one of the column headers in the CLINICAL DATA sheets, and refers to the number of days between initial diagnosis/initial surgery and the time recurrence, or growth of tumor if subtotal resection, was detected, usually by MRI.

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Thank you so much, this was super helpful!

Hope all is well. I will be in touch should any further questions arise.



And for reference for future seekers, the URL for the “Ivy GAP Clinical and Genomic Database” on the glioblastoma atlas is no longer valid.

The correct URL is now