Correlative search query

I’m currently attempting to look at correlation between the expression of the gene srxn1 and its substrates to see if this correlation is affected in the disease datasets. I’ve recorded the data for each gene from their respective mouse brain atlas pages and tabulated this information, calculating correlation for each gene vs srxn1. My answers were different to those provided by the correlative search function of the mouse brain atlas. My question to you guys are:

1: How does this website calculation correlation? is the data used for this available?

2: Is it possible to search for correlation directly e.g. SRXN1 vs the gene Cltc, as going through over 1000 pages to find the gene expressions I want seems impossible.

Thanks for any help I appreciate it.

Hello, Please see the API reference page section for Expression Grid Search Service for details of the underlying API that powers this query. You should be able to use this to do the queries that you want.

This page also includes information and links to more information about the data that is used to perform this computation.