Different Probes, Same Gene

Hey, I am noticed that the probes in the microarray data I downloaded from the All-Br-Atl can cover the same gene. I know that the Probes.csv table shows the level of expression of the genes based on the probe, but I cant find any info on the efficacy of each probe. For example.

Probe Id, Gene ID, Expression1, Expression 2
1049352, ADAM23,0.3125,0.4084,0.452,

Now, each column corresponds to a row in the Columns.csv. But if ADAM 23 is reported at 0.3125, and 0.877, then what is the correct expression level? I tried to find a probe id key, to see if I could connect the probes to an efficacy value, but can’t discern the correct search phrase.

My working theory I can calculate a weighted valueof the gene expression, or simply use the probe with the highest efficacy. But I need to know what the probes were I think, if I want to make any conclusions.

Probe Id, Gene ID, frontal lobe, orbital part
1049352, ADAM23,0.3125,0.4084,0.452,

NIH used to have a probe database, and its still up for download, but I cant get any efficacy data.
Currently I am looking at .sts files with gene locations. Looks like this.

Here is the probe DB

I don’t have a specific answer for your question (maybe others do?); however, we did perform an RNA-seq experiment to try and address the differences in results for probes of the same gene. See the response to this post.