Paper for RNA-Seq data

Could someone guide me to the paper describing RNA-seq data? I am specifically interested in the RNA-seq of the two human brains identified by H0351.2001 and H0351.2002.

The RNA-seq data from these two human brains is described in this publication. In this paper, we performed a calibration experiment where we ran RNA-seq (~250 samples) and microarray data on the same samples and assigned quality scores for microarray probes based on their correlation with RNA-seq gene expression. This also allowed us to define more accurate measures of absolute expression levels for microarray probes. We performed a similar calibration using ~40 RNA-seq samples for our NIH Blueprint NHP Atlas in this publication.

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Thank you @jeremyinseattle.

A summary of Allen Brain Atlas projects that have generated transcriptomics data, along with corresponding publications and toolkits, is available here: