Recent complete normalized microarray datasets

Hello, I was looking through the downloadable file provided in the Allen Brain Atlas (Microarray Data Download :: Allen Brain Atlas: Human Brain) , in the complete normalized microarray datasets, six brains are available for download…I wanted to know which one is the recent one or recently updated one (out of the six). Thank you in advance.

Hi @Eden. All six brains listed in the “Complete normalized microarray datasets” section are current and normalized using the same strategy. The first two donors (on which the initial paper was published) were H0351.2001 and H0351.2002, with data from the remaining four donors released later. I would recommend using data from all six brains in this section.

A subset of samples from these donors were also processed using RNA-seq in the “RNA-Sequencing datasets” section (see this paper for details). You should disregard the data in the “Archived microarray datasets” section unless you need it for historical reasons.

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Thank you for the reply and brief explanation.