Allen Gene Expression Datasets

Hi all! I’m trying to create a summary for my students (and other possible dataset users!) of all of the gene expression data available via the Allen Institute. I’d love your input on this and feedback on whether I’m missing anything or am misunderstanding a dataset.

I created this slide as a summary (preview below):

Thanks in advance for your input!


Hi @ajuavinett,
Very cool! Presumably you’ve also looked at the dropdown ‘megamenu’ of datasets from the main landing page of the Allen Brain Map, the ‘Atlases and Data’ tab at the top, which gives an inventory of everything. If you are interested in non-human-primate gene expression data, that is available as well. In the ‘Explore’ section, one of the focus areas is ‘Transcriptional Landscape of The Brain’ which describes recent gene expression datasets associated with their publications. Our new display for RNA-Seq single cell data is more amenable to the inventory view, here. For your aggregation, you might wish to specify these are adult, neurotypical datasets, as we also have gene expression data for stages in development and pathological cases - these can be seen in the ‘megamenu’ view. Hope this helps, and thanks so much for sharing your education tools!

Oooh thank you, this is a really great overview to know about!

I do very much appreciate this new view of the RNA-Seq data.

Good point, thank you!