Do you have gene expression data for mouse eye?

The Allen Mouse Brain Atlas provides ISH for ~20,000 genes in adult mouse brain. Unfortunately we did not perform a similar retina atlas in adult.

However…the Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas provides whole embryo data for E11.5, E13.5, and E15.5 for 2100 genes that are significant in development. Most of this data is sagittal, meaning we slice from one side of the embryo to the middle. Although this dataset is tailored to ensure that we assay the brain, in many cases embryonic retina is available.

Below is an example image for Pax6 (top) and Otx2 at E11.5, E13.5, and E15.5 in mouse retina.

Finally, if you’re interested in retina projections to the brain, the Allen Mouse Connectivity Atlas has an entire dataset with injections of viral tracers into the retina. Read the whitepaper about the Retinal Projectome.

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