DOWNLOADING 3-D PROJECTION GRID DATA for developing mouse brain data

Dear Allen Brain Atlas team,

We would like to get the 3-D PROJECTION GRID DATA (not 3-D Expression Grid data) for SectionDataSets in developing mouse E13.5

We found that it does not work for developing mouse.
For example, 100075802 is a section dataset for E13.5, but the following API is not working.

Does this API not support developing mouse? If so, is there any script that we can use to reproduce E13.5 3-D Projection GRID Data from ISH Image?

thank you,
Sheng Wang

Hi @shengwanguw,

Just wanted to clarify the different data types.

Allen Developing Mouse Atlas is an ISH gene expression dataset and as such we only have “3-D Expression Grid” data as described in this tutorial ( API - Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas (

“3-D Projection Grid data” is related to Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas which consists of images of axonal projections but only for adult mice.

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Thank you for the quick response!

My goal is to get 10um resolution of 3D Expression grid of E13.5. Do you know how I can get such data?
Could we access the informatics pipeline script somewhere so that we can use to generate the energy.raw for 10um resolution?