Exploring spectrums In the prefrontal cortex

Hi! I’ve been recently diagnosed with bipolar I and had a manic episode. During this episode I wanted to understand my own brain and consciousness better. I had a eureka moment and realized there are many spectrums in the brain: the cognitive spectrum which has at its extremes ‘genius’ and ‘idiot’; the mental spectrum which includes all mental disorders and has at its extremes ‘sane’ and ‘insane’; and the gender spectrum. I realized this because bipolar disorder is a spectrum too that vascillates between hypomania and manic depression. I’ve been vascillating between these 2 states for the last 2 weeks and wound up in psych ward where I got my diagnosis. I have not been able to sleep due to mania and my family was extremely worried. I think I have hypomania which I’d prefer to call ‘hypermania’. I think I’m this state I have hypercognition and am way high on the cognitive spectrum (aka genius level). Let me know if this resonates with anyone or sounds like ‘crazy’ talk. I know I have flights of fancy and grandiose thinking but I do think my thoughts are logical and cogent. Thank you for the help or discourse on this topic. - Leanora Rola

I’d love to have someone study my brain btw!!! I went to ER and they did a CT scan which was unremarkable. But a more detailed analysis could map regions that are active during hypomania and hypercognition. I think that would be very useful info lol.