How can I get the L0 regularization events for a specific cell ID?

As I understand it, get_ophys_experiment_events returns an [N_cells,N_times]-sized array of events. I would like to combine information available through the cell ID, such as an individual cell’s ROI mask, with that individual cell’s event array. I don’t see how to find the row in the event array which corresponds to a given cell ID.


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Hi Elliot,

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short version:
get_cell_specimen_ids returns a list of cell specimen ids in the same order as the rows of the events array.

slightly longer version:
The index of a cell id in the list returned by BrainObservatoryNwbDataset.get_cell_specimen_ids is the same as the row index of the events array (as returned by get_ophys_experiment_events) containing that cell’s events. If you have some cells of interest, you can use BrainObservatoryNwbDataset.get_cell_specimen_indices to extract indices for those cells.


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Wonderful! That’s easy. Thanks for your quick response!