How to plot mean rather than individual human expression data


I am a new user of the Allen Human Brain Atlas database. Currently, I am using structural neuroimaging to characterize brain damage in a group of rare monogenic disorders. It would be nice to compare our brain volumetric data with the human expression data. So, I was wondering whether it is possible to plot the mean expression values (from all 6 donors) of a given gene or probe using brain explorer or multiplanar viewer.

Hi @Marcondes, as far as I know it is not possible to plot the mean value, but only the values on a donor-by-donor basis. If donor-by-donor is okay, here is some related information that may be useful to you and others.

Here is an example planar view for the gene MET, which you can access by first clicking on the heatmap in the row of your probe of interest and then clicking on the “Planar View” link on the right. You can also access heatmap overlaid on a two-dimensional, cartoonized version of the reference atlas by clicking on the gene symbol in the Gene Info box above the heatmap (for example, here). Finally, if you’d like to work off-line, MNI and MRI voxel coordinates for each sample are available on the download page in the “SampleAnnot.csv” file located within the normalized microarray datasets for each donor.

Hi Jeremy,

Many thanks. You helped a lot.