IvyGap GBM Heatmap

If you create a list of genes longer than 23 in the RNA Seq section of the IVY Gap GBM section, only the first 23 are visible to take a screenshot.
Is it possible to create a list of more than 23 genes and then download or copy the whole image of genes within the heatmap ?

Hi @Stanley_Stylli,
Thank you for your interest in the IVY Gap project! There are two ways to capture the image of the heatmap: (1) taking a screenshot (which captures everything) or (2) right clicking on the image and clicking “save image as” (which captures just the heatmap image, and not the gene names, or other color bars). You can download up to 2000 genes using the “Download this data” link in the bottom right of the screen. You can also increase the gene list shown on the screen to more than 23 by zooming out in browser window (e.g., by holding “Ctrl” and spinning the scroll wheel on the mouse). I hope this helps!