MapMyCells has been Updated with a Whole Human Brain Taxonomy

The Siletti et al whole human brain taxonomy is now available in MapMyCells for both Correlation and Hierarchical mapping.

This reference dataset includes more than three million cells sampled from the adult human brain. Samples were isolated from ~100 dissections from three donors and assayed using single-nucleus RNA sequencing. The resulting cells were clustered into hierarchical groups of 31 superclusters, 461 clusters, and 3313 subclusters. Additionally, categorical neurotransmitter type annotations were assigned to clusters based on expression (or lack thereof) of one or more neurotransmitter-associated marker genes.

To map your data to this taxonomy go to MapMyCells and select the “10x Whole Human Brain (CCN202210140)” from the Reference Taxonomy drop down menu in Step 2.

Learn more about this data and download the full dataset in our Data Catalog

Explore this dataset in the ABC Atlas.

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