Showcase Symposium 2020 Project Talk Q&A: Human Cell Types and Viral Tools

At our virtual Showcase Symposium 2020, Allen Institute for Brain Science teams present project talks highlighting their work. Please use this forum thread to ask questions for the speakers of the Human Cell Types and Viral Tools talk with Boaz Levi, Yi Ding, John Mich, Bryan Gore, and Natalie Weed. Please see the full list of Showcase 2020 forum threads to ask questions about other talks.

Are you sharing the AAV vectors for cell type-specific expression? I am particularly interested in PV neuron-specific targeting AAV vector.

Hi @xnyuzhao,
Thanks for your question. Yes, we do share many vector constructs; the list of viral vectors that are openly available is in our Toolkit, here. We don’t yet have a PV-specific targeting virus available for distribution, but we will update this page linked above when we do. Refer to the recent preprint by Mich, et al. for related work.