Showcase Symposium 2020 Project Talk Q&A: Transcriptomics Pipeline and Discoveries

At our virtual Showcase Symposium 2020, Allen Institute for Brain Science teams present project talks highlighting their work. Please use this forum thread to ask questions for the speakers of the Transcriptomics Pipeline and Discoveries talk with Zizhen Yao, Cindy Van Velthoven, Jacqueline Bendrick, Elyse Morin, Amanda Mitchell, Qingzhong Ren, Yilin Zhao, and Michael Kuns. Please see the full list of Showcase 2020 forum threads to ask questions about other talks.

What are the technical limitations of manipulating the dataset sizes of the whole brain size?

Great talk, very exciting work. Any plans to expand the RNA-seq database to further into glia?

All our data will include non-neuronal cells, we just haven’t prioritized the analysis of those. But it is coming!


The key issue still persists: how does one: 1. create the large matrix of millions of cells x 10s of thousands of genes, 2. how does one manipulate this large matrix without having to load it all into memory.