Stimulus changes within electrophysiology data


I’m doing a research on the Multimodal Characterization of Individual Neurons dataset. After viewing the electrophysiology data, I found that within each sweep, the stimulus for different cells have different time duration (for example in sweep 0 in some cells we have 4 stimulus last 500 time points but some have 4 last 2000 time points), why does this difference occur? Also, can I find a specific stimulus that has been applied to all cells since I want to use the cell response to the same stimulus for analysis?


Hi Jiawei,

Thanks for reaching out! The reason some sweeps have stimuli with different durations is because they have different stimulus types applied to them (for any given cell we use 5 or 6 different types of stimuli that characterize the cells response in different ways).

You will want to use the stimulus ontology with the filtered_sweep_table function described here: to find the same stimulus type across the cells.


Thank you for the explanation!