ABC Atlas: Example Use Cases (Whole Human Brain)

Interested in using the Allen Brain Cell (ABC) Atlas but don’t know where to start?

Check out our step-by-step use cases on the whole human brain data from Siletti et al., 2023:

Use Case #1 - Experimental Design

“A researcher specializes in studying genes associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While designing experiments for their next grant, they read a paper identifying novel ASD risk genes from a human GWAS study; they are now interested in seeing if these genes are co-expressed in specific human neuron populations and/or brain regions.”

Use Case #2 - Scientific Knowledge

“During journal club, a student was introduced to Siletti et al., 2023, which contains single nucleus RNA seq data from the entire human brain. Prior to journal club, the student had mainly read about cells in the neocortex; the student is now interested in learning more about data from other brain regions.”

Use Case #3 - Experimental Design w/Coding

“A researcher studies the role of astrocytes in the development of multiple sclerosis (M.S.), using postmortem spinal cord samples from humans with and without M.S. They are beginning to design studies for experiments in other commonly affected brain areas, such as the cerebellum. Therefore, they are interested in learning more about astrocyte diversity in other brain areas in the non-M.S. brain.”