Introducing the Allen Brain Cell Atlas!

The Allen Institute for Brain Science has just released the first dataset unifying cell types and anatomy across the whole mouse brain. We are making these preliminary, pre-publication data available to visualize and explore in the public beta release of our new product, the Allen Brain Cell (ABC) Atlas.

The ABC Atlas aims to empower researchers worldwide to explore and analyze multiple whole-brain datasets simultaneously. As the Allen Institute and its collaborators continue to add new modalities, species, and insights to the ABC Atlas, this groundbreaking platform will keep growing, opening up endless possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries and breakthroughs in neuroscience. With the ABC Atlas, researchers everywhere can gain new insights into the brain’s complex workings, advancing our understanding of this amazing organ in ways we never thought possible.

In addition to incorporating new data regularly, the ABC Atlas will continue to be updated every few weeks with new features and capabilities. Please let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see in future updates!

To get started, click on one of the navigation tabs on the left of the page

  1. Manage Layouts - Find data to add to your view or change your layout
  2. Cell Properties - Filter and color by data features and values
  3. Genes - Search, select, and color by gene expression
  4. About - Learn more about the selected data set including download links

Find the detailed user guide here: ABC Atlas User Guide

To learn more about the data and to download full datasets, go to the Project Page or the GitHub repository.