Update Notes - December 12, 2023

The Allen Brain Cell Atlas (ABC Atlas) has been updated with new features and improvements!


The new icon panel on the left allows quick navigation between Control Panel tabs. The filters and settings on each tab all work together to change what is displayed in the visualization frames to the right.

There are now four tabs, each controlling a different aspect of the visualizations:

  1. New! Manage Layouts - Find data to add to your view or change your layout (see more below)
  2. Cell Properties - Filter and color by data features and values
  3. New! Genes (see more below) - Search, select, and color by gene expression
  4. About - Learn more about the selected data set including download links

Manage Layout

The new Manage Layout tab allows adding, changing, and reordering visualization frames. Frame settings like point size and transparency can now also be accessed here.

Adding and changing views

  • To add a new visualization click the + icon in an open row.

  • When adding or changing a view, the data set can be selected using the dropdown list in the pop-out menu

  • The layout orientation can be changed by clicking the icons at the top of the panel. Change the order of views by dragging and dropping a row in the list.



With this release we introduce a new Genes tab. Search and select multiple genes in the new search bar or use the Add Batch button to add a list of genes all at once.

Please note that each view may only be colored by one gene at a time. To see multiple genes, create additional views or toggle between genes using the color droplet icon.

New view tools

Duplicate View - in the top right of the selected view, clicking the third icon from the left will create a new view with the same colors, filters, pan, and zoom settings as the active view

Download image - This feature remains the same, however, the image download icon (previously a camera) is now an arrow. This creates a high-resolution PNG image of the selected view and initiates the download.


For complete user guide documentation see Introducing the Allen Brain Cell Atlas! .

As always, thank you for being part of the AIBS community. Please let us know how we can improve the ABC Atlas to better serve your needs.

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