ABC Atlas Update Notes - March 26, 2024

The Allen Brain Cell Atlas (ABC Atlas) has been updated with new features and improvements!

Click to Filter
It’s now easier than ever to add and remove cells from your filtered views

  1. Hover the cursor over a cell of interest
  2. While the tool tip is displayed, click the identified cells
  3. The view will be filtered to color those cells that share the identified value

  • To remove the filter click the cell again
  • Hover over a cell with a different value and click again to add values to the filter

As always, thank you for being part of the AIBS community. Please let us know how we can improve the ABC Atlas to better serve your needs.

For complete user guide documentation see the ABC Atlas User Guide.

Once again, I would like to contgratulate and thank AI for the awesome work, I plan to learn how to use the tools as soon as I can set aside the time, In the meantime, I am trying to visualise the following relations (supercluster, cluster, subscluster) as a data tree. (I am a knowledge engineer) Although I now have the dataset as a xls table (thanks Kim) I am getting lost in finding the right tool to visualise, Is there a way to do this visualisation from within the this environment? if not, can you advise which would be the best open source web absed software to support this visualization. Thank you