ABC Atlas: August Update Notes

The Allen Brain Cell Atlas (ABC Atlas) has been updated with new features and improvements!

Frame cloning
Now, when adding frames using the change layout tool, new frames will start as copies of the selected frame, preserving filters, colors, and camera position (zoom/pan state.)

Cell detail download
While in the Cell Selection view, details of the selected cells can now be downloaded as a csv file.
To access the download

  1. Use the Zoom and Pan mode to focus in on the desired region of cells
  2. Switch to Cell Selection mode and drag to select a specific set of cells
  3. In the Selected Cells list, click on a subset value
  4. Click the arrow icon to initiate the download

Please note, only the first 100 cells will be included in the download. Full dataset download is available via GitHub.

Alphanumeric sorting for feature values
With this update the values under each feature in the Control Panel are now sorted alphanumerically. If values are hierarchically nested, e.g. Class, each level of the tree is sorted separately. Please note, numbers have been prepended to values for some features to enable custom ordering.

Enhanced point ordering for gene expression
If multiple cell points overlap (e.g. when zoomed out), the highest expression cell will appear “on top” of other cells. This is done to improve visibility of expression patterns.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Significant improvements to loading times
  • Reduction in visual artifacts when switching data sets
  • Fix for frame flickering for some window sizes/screen resolutions
  • Fix to cell counts appearing incorrectly in some cases
  • Fix for an issue where the user’s cursor relocated unexpectedly
  • Fix for inadvertent movement of the cell selection bounding box
  • Color visibility improvements in dark mode

For complete user guide documentation see Introducing the Allen Brain Cell Atlas!.

As always, thank you for being part of the AIBS community. Please let us know how we can improve the ABC Atlas to better serve your needs.