About the OpenScope category

Welcome to our dedicated hub for OpenScope proposal creation and discussions. This platform provides an open environment where community members can collaboratively develop and refine OpenScope project proposals.

Here, you can expect to engage in in-depth conversations centered around drafting and refining proposals. The OpenScope team will periodically introduce specific topics to stimulate and guide these discussions, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

To gauge consensus and gain broader insights, we will conduct open polls that cover a wide range of projects, allowing us to highlight key questions and drive forward impactful dialogue.

As we navigate the unique process of crafting neuroscience experiments within a public forum, your patience and understanding is appreciated. Rest assured, we are committed to evolving and adapting our methods to best support this innovative endeavor.

Kindly note that all established forum guidelines, including respectful conduct and meaningful engagement, are expected to be adhered to. Your cooperation ensures our community remains productive, inclusive, and conducive to scientific exploration.