Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we participate to both the double-blinded track and the community track?

Yes, there are no exclusions criteria.

Who is writing the stimulus code for the community track?

This will be done by the OpenScope project team. Therefore it is important the stimulus design is defined and described in good details.

Are there restrictions and limits to the community track?

For the first year on this track, we will consider projects that leverage the multi-plane two-photon imaging platform. Behavioral projects are possible. Neuropixels projects will only be accepted for the double-blinded track.

Can anyone apply and get selected ?

Yes, this opportunity is opened to ALL scientists around the world. In fact, dissemination is our GOAL.

Is it free?

Yes! We will run experiments to address your research question with no charge. In fact, we will pay for you to come to visit The Allen Institute as part of this project. Running these experiments at scale using our cutting-edge neuronal recording pipeline is a very serious investment that you are being given access for free, if selected.

What will I commit to do as part of this collaboration ?

You commit to do the analysis described in your project, we do all the data acquisition.

Why are you doing this?

We are firm believers in open science and want to push the boundaries of what Open means. We also believe Neuroscience will grow with an ecosystem of brain observatories serving our entire community.

Please consider posting your general questions here. We will respond on this thread.