Open for (neuro)science tutorial: Allen Brain Observatory

Thanks for attending the webinar or viewing the video of the Open for (neuro)science tutorial: Allen Brain Observatory with @saskiad and @joshs! This webinar demonstrated how to use the 2-photon and Neuropixels datasets within the Allen Brain Observatory. You can find the demonstration Python notebooks used in this tutorial here.

Please feel free to chime in here with additional questions or follow-up questions to those asked at the live webinar. You can find the recording of this webinar and information about other webinars in this series here.

Additional questions to those answered during the webinar Q&A:

Question: Saskia: How does one figure out the degrees of visual angle subtended by any given stimulus?
Saskia: Ah! Important detail. We have a white paper on our documentation page that describes the stimulus and display minutiae in greater detail. Documentation - Allen Brain Observatory But briefly, the monitor spanned 120x95 degrees, and the stimuli were all full field stimuli.

Question: I am confused, does this mean that I can’t access any data without an AWS account. Also, are there sample data sets (both 2P and ecephys) that one can test their pipeline on?
Saskia: The only data that you can only access via AWS is the raw calcium movies. All of the NWB files you can access without AWS. You need to install the Allen SDK, and the data will be downloaded directly to your local machine. But if you want to use the raw movies, you need to be on AWS.

Question: Is it possible to access simultaneous electrophys and calcium timeseries per single cell?
Saskia: Ophys/Ephys Calibration Data -