How will community proposals be drafted?

The proposal for community engagement will be initiated using social medias to route traffic to the Allen Institute Brain Map Community forum.
Our project selection will undergo three phases: the Question phase, the Methods phase, and the Analysis phase. For each stage, we will orchestrate an online brainstorming event, with each phase lasting a month.

The initial Question phase will invite the community to propose overarching research questions that could have a significant impact if answered. This will promote team formation around those queries.
We encourage teams to start proposing ideas here : 2023 Community proposal : Question phase
At the end of the Question phase, to gauge the support for different questions, a poll will be held. Participants will then have the opportunity to vote on their interest to participate to each question.
See here an example of how this poll will work : 2023 Community proposal Question Phase : Poll with list of scientific questions

The OpenScope team will select the questions with sufficient number of backers.

Once we collate a list of topics/scientific questions, we will enter into the Methods phase. We will establish distinct groups of threads for each subject and associate a shared document with each group. A Google template document will be utilized to amalgamate the team’s ideas.

The shared document will be organized to incorporate all the necessary information to finalize an experiment on our platform. The Methods phase will lay out how the selected questions will be addressed using the OpenScope platform. Registered platform users will gain edit access to this document.
This template will be further refined through an online event.

Finally, during the Analysis phase, the specifics of the analysis will be defined and incorporated into the document. This structured approach ensures a systematic and collaborative method to address research questions of importance.

A final poll will be conducted in November to select the community proposal project.