Accessing frames for natural_movie_shuffled in Neuropixel data

I am working with the Neuropixel data, and the “Functional Connectivity” experiment paradigm. In that, there is a block of 10 minutes, where the “natural_movie_shuffled” is presented. I was curious about

  1. how the shuffled frames were obtained, and if the same shuffled frames were presented in all experiments, or different shuffles were obtained on each day?
  2. Since there were 20 repeats, were all these 20 repeats the same “movie” or was each presentation different?
    In trying to access the .nwb file (for example session -778240327), I see the “frame” entry inside “/intervals/natural_movie_one_shuffled_presentations” to simply increase from 0 to 900, which I assume is just the frame number for the presentation, and does not reflect frameIDs with respect to the original video. I want to access the information of what visual cue/frame was present at each time point.
    I tried the idea from this link , but it did not work since, I assume that was for the calcium imaging experiments, where the shuffled movies were not presented.
    Thanks in anticipation,

Hi Chinmay,

The shuffled movie was created once by randomly permuting the frames in “Natural Movie One.” So the movie is identical for each repeat, and for each session.

The original movie is not available through the AllenSDK, but I can send it to you if you’d like.


Hi Josh,
Thank you again for your prompt reply. Yes, please that would be great if you could send me that video/frame stack for the same. My email is .
Thanks again,