Assistance Needed with Ordering Mouse Brain Regions Anterior to Posterior via API

Hello Allen Brain Map Community,

I am working on a project that requires me to extract a list of all mouse brain regions, ordered from anterior to posterior. I have been exploring the Allen Brain Atlas API to achieve this, but I am encountering challenges in determining the correct order based on the data provided.

From my understanding, the API does not directly provide a field that denotes the anterior-posterior positioning of brain structures. Fields like graph_order and atlas_id are available, but their relation to spatial orientation is not entirely clear to me.

Here are my questions for the community:

  1. Is there a specific field or method within the API that can be used to sort the brain regions from anterior to posterior?
  2. If such a field exists, could you provide guidance on interpreting it to ensure accurate spatial ordering?
  3. Has anyone successfully retrieved and ordered this data and would be willing to share their approach or script?

Any advice or examples of APIs request would be very appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Joe,

This might help:

" Returns a table (tab-separated) with columns [acronym | rgb-value | x | y | z], where x (left-right), y (posterior-anterior), z (inferior-superior) are the region centers in [mm] optimized for label placement."

I found it on this page.

Hope it helps!