Clinical data for SEA-AD dorsolateral prefrontal cortex snRNAseq samples

Hello, I am wondering how to obtain the clinical data for the SEA-AD dorsolateral prefrontal cortex snRNAseq samples. Specifically, variables such as apoe genotype, amyloid, pmi, brrksc, ceradsc, cogdx, nft, plaq_n, gpath, tangles.

Hi, donor metadata for the SEA-AD cohort can be found on the SEA-AD documentation page here: Seattle Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Cell Atlas -

The “Donor metadata” file includes APOE4 yes/no (does this person carry an APOE4 allele), neuropathological scores such as Braak, Thal, CERAD, ADNC, and cognitive status (w/ or w/o dementia).

There is also quantitative neuropath data from Middle Temporal Gyrus (MTG) in the file “Quantitative neuropathology summary data (MTG)
That includes measurements of Abeta, pTau, pTDP43, a-synuclein, Neun+ cells, IBA1+ cells, and GFAP+ cells from quantitative analysis of stained neuropathology images from Middle Temporal Gyrus (MTG).

Great, thanks!