Conda Install BMTK

Hi all,

I recently installed BMTK through $ conda install -c kaeldai bmtk but am experiencing problems with the running the examples. For instance, when trying to run the EI-network, it is unable to open bmtk.builder.auxi. I wonder if anyone has any insight into this?

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Hi Jonas,

It looks like the bmtk builds on conda were out-of-date, but the EI-network example was built using the latest source code. I’ve finally able to push new conda packages for bmtk over the weekend. Please try running the following:
conda update -c kaeldai bmtk

Once you’ve update from versions 0.0.6 to 0.0.8 the bmtk.builder.auxi issue should be taken care of, and if it isn’t please let us know.


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Thank you for the update.

Hi Kael,

A colleague of mine experienced similar issues with the pip install. Could you please check if that is up to date?