Could A Proponet Of the Integrated Information Theory Check This For Me?

I posted previously about this, but I was extremely ineffective in relaying information about this theory of consciousness.

If someone at the Allen Institute or elsewhere, much more qualified than I am (a High School student) could read this compelling theory written by Steven Sevush about integrated information happening at the level of individual pyramidal neurons and giving rise to conscious entities creating a macroscopic illusion of unity in the human mind, I would be eternally grateful.

Here are the links:

(the theory)

It’s been keeping me up late at night for months now due to its philosophical implications about the potentially even shorter nature of our existence, potentially even shorter than our bodies continue to stay alive. I’ve been trying to obtain closure on this topic for so long, and I need some help from someone with more knowledge in this area.

-Cameron Rowland

(in the highlights section on the right side of this page, it is stated that information behavior is mirrored at the individual neuron level, while also “relating” inner, subjective consciousness to large scale networks)

This was the second source

Hi Cameron,

We really appreciate your interest in this thorny topic. Right now, we don’t have teams actively engaged in these area, so unfortunately this may not be the best place to find answers to your questions. Best wishes in your pursuits on this tricky issue.