Deep Generative Mapping failed

Execution ID: 1720466013789-44f978ce-9665-4b42-b6cb-5d0fe4f065d8
Reference: 10x Human MTG SEA-AD (CCN20230505)
Algorithm: Deep Generative Mapping
Error: ‘Mapping algorithm finished successfully.’ (yes that is the error lol)

Continually getting Errors with the Deep Generative Mapping method only. All other mapping methods working. I have tried setting .var to both gene names and Ensembl IDs as previously mentioned but the error persists for the Deep Generative Mapping method.


Try again. Numpy released 2.0.0 last month, which conflicted with the pinned version of pandas in our Docker image. We’ve fixed our requirements file and rebuilt the images. It should work now.

Thank you for catching and reporting this.