Mapping algorithm failed because of application errors - 'get_cmap' error

I have run mapmycells before, but this time I ran into an issue. An error occurred after file validation. Is this an issue with the software or something on my end? I am trying to map human prefrontal cortex data with the 10X MTG dataset using the deep generative mapping. I uploaded a screenshot of the log file. I have confirmed that the file is in the correct row and column format. Thanks in advance for any help!

Run ID: 1715968953029-b1601d36-658d-4d6a-9877-aac1e30b73f9

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 11.55.19 AM

I was able to run hierarchical mapping, but deep generative mapping is still failing. The deep generative mapping has given better results in the past however, so I would like to get it working if possible! Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you

Hi @abbeygreen

As you probably inferred, the issue is not in your data. One of the dependencies of Deep Generative mapping released a new version, changing the way our code needs to call their code. We are working on a fix now. I will ping you here when the fix is released. Thank you for your patience.

– Scott Daniel

Thanks for your help and confirming it is not a data-based error!



The fix has been deployed. Deep Generative Mapping should once again be functional. Thanks for catching and reporting this.

Thank you!!