Gabor stimuli properties

Hi, the neuropixel dataset says the Gabor patches have a spatial frequency of 0.08 cycles per deg and a temporal frequency of 4 Hz. However the nature paper says it’s half those values. I wonder what are the actual values.

Also there is a “phase” column in the data. What does this value mean for the Gabor stimuli? It’s [3644.93333333, 3644.93333333] for all presentations.

Finally, are these circular patches against a mean luminance gray background?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Mauro,

The spatial and temporal frequency listed in the dataset is correct (0.08 cyc/º, 4 Hz). I’m not sure how the values got halved in the methods section, but that’s definitely a mistake.

The phase value determines the starting point of the grating cycle, and is somewhat arbitrary. The static gratings are presented at different phases, so the dark portion isn’t always in the same location within a cell’s receptive field. But for the drifting gratings (including the Gabor stimulus), the phase is always the same.

And yes, the patches are circles with a mean luminance gray background.