Gabor patch data - units

I am using the Neuropixel data, and analyzing the Gabor patch presentations. The technical white paper says that the 20 degree patches were presented in a 9 x 9 grid, and indeed the x_pos and y_pos for these stimuli range from -40 to +40 in jumps of 10. But I am wondering what are the units of these? Are x and y pos in degrees or cm? Also how do they relate to the screen co-ordinates provided by gaze mapping? For example if at some point, Gabor patch was presented at (-10,20) and the “filtered_gaze_mapping” data, in screen_coordinates_spherical also recorded (-10,20) would that mean that the animal looked directly at the Gabor patch?
Thanks for your help and also to make all this interesting data available to everyone !

Hi Chinmay! The units for both the Gabors and the gaze direction are in degrees relative to the center of the screen.

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Thank you so much for your prompt reply !
I had 1 follow up question - the Gaze mapping data has 2 fields for screen coordinates, either screen_coordinates and screen_coordinates_spherical. My understanding is that the latter one is after applying the spherical warping? If yes, which of these is directly comparable to the Gabor patch x_pos and y_pos?
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Hi! Sorry for the delay in responding to the follow-up. The Gabor patch locations are relative to the warped (spherical) coordinates.